Benefit of Using a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Benefits of Using a Realtor to Sell Your House #2 – Home Sells at Top Dollar

Realtors have the advantage of knowing the pulse of the market they operate in. Listing agents specialize in answering the question, “What is my Home Worth?” for their clients. Realtors will do a comparative market analysis to help their seller determine the correct listing price for their home.

We know that pricing is the key to getting your home sold at the right time for the correct price. If you list the home too high initially you may have missed the most opportune time to sell your house. When a home is overpriced an agent might just avoid bringing their buyer to that house altogether or use it as an example to sell another property that is correctly priced or a better value. If you list it too low then it will most likely sell quickly but you will take money out of your pocket.

We will treat your home like an asset you are trying to get top dollar for and not just your home you lived in. We have no emotional attachment to the home the ones trying to sell it may. Our goal is to find that balance between correctly pricing the home to coincide with the timeline the seller is looking for to sell their home. A Realtor can help this process go more smoothly and try and help you get top dollar for your home when selling.

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